High-end fashion brand Jil Sander recently unveiled their new retail design concept at the refurbished flagship store on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. The new brand direction and aesthetic, created by Milan-based architect Andrea Tognon, highlights Jil Sander’s commitment to purity, clean lines and simple geometries. Squares and rectangles largely define the interior, with space brought to life with more fluent shapes that convey a zen-like sense of spatial harmony. Andrea Tognon approached the project with a mind set of de-cluttering. Keeping the interior crisp and clean, the architect fused tradition and innovation though a balanced palette of materials, such as marble, stone and bronze, with synthetic products that point to the future, such as the meticulously made translucent resin. The store is furnished entirely with bespoke pieces that combine the timeless with the groundbreaking.
Both the furnishings and fixtures have a sculptural quality within this understated, minimalist interior – brass and bronze tables and cabinets, steel clothing racks (thin black lines anyone?) and the delicious blue silk rugs that add an element of the unexpected. Other bespoke pieces include cabinets in translucent resin, a sofa made of Eulithe (polyurethane foam polymer), reception table with an Azul and Cipollino marble top and base, and display tables in bronze inspired by jewellery design traditions. A sustainable approach was also important for the project – for instance, some of the resin was made from recycled materials, such as marble chips. With so many impeccable insertions, it’s difficult to pick the hero of the space, although a personal favourite are probably the custom designed ceiling lights, composed of rows of brass rods with LED strips, combined with strategically located spotlights. Hawt.